Property Investment In Sittingbourne

Work with PIA to minimise or even element risk in property investment in Sittingbourne. Based on what you want we can tailor a service for you.

Property Investment in Sittingbourne

Instant income without the mortgage

PIA will purchase a property on your behalf in PIA’s name. We will guarantee the rental income for that property for 5 years and also guarantee to give your initial investment back in 5 years if you wish to exit. You do not own the property in this case but get all the benefits / income with no work.

Instant income and a legacy to leave your children

Instant income and a legacy to leave your children

We can purchase a property or multiple properties in your name or a property investment company we set up for you (whichever is more tax efficient for you). We manage the rental process for you allowing you take the income without the hassle. The properties are all in your name so you remain the owner of these assets to do with what you wish.

Invest yourself without a full deposit

Invest yourself without a full deposit

PIA can “top up” your deposit to buy a property jointly with you giving you the option at the end of a minimum 5 year investment to either buy the remaining half of the property from PIA, stay as you are with a 50/50 split or request that PIA purchase you out of your 50% giving you your initial investment back.

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Why Investors Choose P.I.A

Be As Hands On Or Hands Off As You Wish

If you would like to be included in choosing the property, deciding work required, and the tenant selection process that’s fine, work with us every step of the way. If you decide all you want is to see the money hitting your account and a monthly summary report on your investment that is fine too! Or anything in-between.

Personal Service For Investor AND Tenant

By focusing on high quality responsive service to yourself and your tenants we aim to ensure no stress and maximum returns as your happy tenants stay on for long periods of time.

24/7 Telephone Coverage

We provide both you and your tenants with 24/7 telephone coverage to keep you and your tenants happy allowing us to keep your costs to a minimum

Our Step By Step Investor Journey

1 Meet with you to discuss your what you would like to achieve

Meet with you to discuss your what you would like to achievearrow right

2 Draft up a proposal with one or more options tailored to you

Draft up a proposal with one or more options tailored to youarrow right

3 Present and discuss the options while giving you time to make a sure decision

Present and discuss the options while giving you time to make a sure decisionarrow right

4 Following your decision our solicitor will draft a contract for your review. At the same time we will start the process of sourcing properties that suite your investment criteria.

draft a contract for your reviewarrow last

5 When you and the solicitor of your choice are happy with the agreement you sign and transfer any initial fees agreed to an escrow account held by our solicitors.

arrow leftSign Contract

6 We will update you weekly as to progress of your purchase right up until the property is tenanted. This process is two way so you can ask questions and input as you wish throughout.

arrow left Weekly Updates

7 Once the property is tenanted we will continue updates on a monthly basis on all aspects.

arrow left Continue Updates

8 At the end of the agreed term (typically 3 or 5 years) we will give you the option on what you wish to do as set out in the initial contract.

End of contract

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Need A Pension?

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