Need A Pension?

13th Jun, 16 Need A Pension?

In this case study our investor had just had his very nice “final salary pension” removed by his employer in 2009.  At the age of only 31 he had more than half his working life left and did not like other pension options due to their unpredictability.  He started to look at property.

He contacted us as he had some knowledge and the funds required but was time poor.  He asked us to source a property for him and manage it on his behalf.

Within 6 months we had purchased a 1 bedroom flat for £120,000 with a £20,000 deposit.  In January 2016 the property has recently been valued at £190,000 (£70,000 capital growth in 5 years – that’s over 50% growth!) and monthly profits are currently £475 a month after service, management and mortgage payments are deducted from the £725pcm rent.

This same customer in 2016, having worked with us throughout, now has 4 rental properties in total and plans to purchase more with our assistance.

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