Making Your Money Go Further

13th Jun, 16 Making Your Money Go Further

We spoke to a couple in Croydon who really understood the buy to let benefits and wanted to purchase another.  Like most early property investors they wanted to invest / purchase close to where they lived so they could “keep an eye on it”.  This is a valid point but if you look further afield you can often make your money go further.

In this case it became clear that they did not currently (in mid 2015) have the resources to purchase a buy to let in Croydon and had not considered looking further afield.  As we focus on properties in Croydon and Sittingbourne we offered them a proposition for a purchase in Kent – it was infact a property I would have purchased for myself had I not been completing on another at the same time.  They snapped up the 3 bedroom property in a prime location at a value of £175,000.  With a mortgage of circa £360 and a rental income of £825 a month they are very happy with their investment.